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Fort Randall Casino

Located in Pickstown, South Dakota, is the wildly entertaining Fort Randall Casino and Hotel. Enjoy different kinds of poker every night of the week with a corresponding tournament. But remember to register early for the best deals! Enjoy a wide variety of delicious plates at their Four Directions restaurant. Weekend nights is when their lounge comes to life. Happy hour, multiple specials, and of course, live entertainment is available at your fingertips. There is always something different going on somewhere in the casino, so stay a few nights to get the full effect. Their rooms are classically comfortable and their service will have you coming back for another stay.

Fort Randall Casino

clock_icon Tues, 4pm-close; Wed, 10am-close; Fri, 2pm-close; Sat, noon-close
cards_icon 3 Tables
oldman_icon 21
phone_icon (800) 362-6333

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