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Grand Victoria Casino

Looking for chic and savvy fun? Located in Elgin, Illinois, is the Grand Victoria Casino. They offer multiple poker tables that are constantly filled with live action gaming. Their fun, yet professional, atmosphere will ignite your craving to win. You’ll be on the edge of your seat during the whole game, just like the way it’s supposed to be played. Everything is cooking at Grand Victoria Casino. Each of their four restaurants are distinctively different and offer many choices. Not only do they offer great food and great gaming, they also offer many concerts throughout the year. Make sure to check their calendar for upcoming shows and concert performances. A night on the town experience is easy to get. At Grand Victoria Casino, life is exciting. So what are you waiting for?

Grand Victoria Casino

clock_icon Daily: 8:30am-6am
cards_icon 7 Tables
oldman_icon 21
phone_icon (847) 531-7753

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