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Hon-Dah Casino

Enjoy some of the funnest poker tournaments around at Hon-Dah Casino, located in Pinetop, Arizona. They offer games for all skill levels, and even offer poker lessons in the mornings to those who would like to learn or just improve their skill. Their poker room is full of professionals and very friendly staff that will serve you throughout your entire stay. To make it a full weekend getaway, reserve one of their over-sized rooms with an outdoor ambiance to each one. Exploring the outdoors isn’t the first thing you may think of when staying in a casino, but at Hon-Dah, you’ll be able to have that experience! Knowledgable staff will help find an outdoor activity perfect for you and whoever you may be staying with. Maybe a husband and wife fishing trip is in order after a game of poker?

Hon-Dah Casino

clock_icon Mon-Fri: 4pm to 2am; Sat-Sun 2pm to 2am
cards_icon 5 Tables
oldman_icon 21
phone_icon (928) 369-7555

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